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Electronic Devices
With speedy services and agile operations, Daido Kogyo delivers electronic devices quickly by air from Taiwan to the customers' domestic or overseas plants. Moreover, we will do our best to contribute our customers' cost reduction and outsourcing efforts by providing high-performance devices with competitive price. Our LED chips and other optical semiconductors have been satisfying our customers with excellent performance in cellular phones, panel displays, and optical data communications.

 Main line of business
 LED Chips (for visual display)   LED chips for communications   Zener Diode
  Light-Sensitive Elements (Si Photo Detectors)   Semiconductor Laser
  Ambient Sensor   WaferThermal Conductivity Sheet
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Main Products  (We deliver bare chips. Consult us for lamps.)
LED Chips (for visual display)
Conventional Type
2-element type (GaP)
3-element type (AlGaAs)
3-element type (GaAsP)
yellow green, yellow, orange, and red
(Wavelength: from 568 to 650 nm)

Please ask us for your types of specifications.

from low-brightness chips (for cell phone)
to high-brightness chips (for traffic lights)

Chip sizes:
9 mil (228um), 12 mil (305um),
larger sizes also available (20 mil and 40 mil).

MOVPE(Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy)
100% probing test executed

Main applications:
Shell-shaped LED and chip LED (SMD)
Cellular phone 10-key backlight
any types of Indicators
Panel Display
Traffic signal, etc...
Shell-shaped LED
Shell-shaped LED
LED bare chip (9mil)
LED bare chip (9mil)
High-Brightness Type
4-element type
Ultra High-Brightness Type
(Glue Bonding)
(Metal Bonding)
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LED Chips (for communications)
Infrared  870nm, 940nm
Surface light source type  Point light source type
Main applications: Light source for space transmission, IrDA, remote controls, encoders, sensors, and couplers
UltraRed 650nm
Surface light source type  Point light source type
Main applications: Light source for POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) and sensors
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Zener Diode
Zener Diode --devices that protect chips from high reverse voltage
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Light-Sensitive Elements (Si Photo Detectors)
PIN photo diode chips
NPN photo transistor chips
Photo IC
Main applications: Light-acceptance parts for space transmission and fiber transmission, remote controls, POF, couplers, etc.
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Semiconductor Laser
LASER Diode Side-emission laser diode chips
VCSEL chips
  (Infrared 880 nm/Red 650 nm)
Main applications: Light source for space transmission and fiber transmission
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Ambient Sensor
Ambient Sensor Photo Transista (PTR) type
Photo Diode (PD) type
Photo IC (PTIC) type
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Epitaxial Wafer Types of compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers
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Thermal Conductivity Sheet
Thermal Conductivity Sheet Graphite Sheet
Thermal Adhesive Tape
Thermal Conductive Pad
Main Applications: IC, CPU, MOS, LED, Heat Sink, LCD-TV, PC, NoteBook PC, Telecom Device, Wireless Hub, DDR II Module, DVD Applications ...etc.
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