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Daido Kogyo has been expanding its business network with manufacturers of the iron/steel sector and other various sectors over the years. With this long-established partnership, we have been working closely with such business partners to solve the most challenging customer problems. With balanced solutions for the customers' requirements such as improved production efficiency and on-site needs, we propose optimum facilities, machines and systems for each of the customers with relevant considerations for global environment protection.
 Main line of business
 Ironmaking and steelmaking facilities  cold-pressing and rolling machines
 machine toolssecondhand machinery
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Main Products
Ironmaking and Steelmaking Facilities
Industrial Furnaces Vacuum furnace
STC type annealing furnace  
Steel pipe annealing furnace
Bright annealing furnace
      Other heat-treating furnaces
Melting furnace
Ladle furnace (AOD,RH)
Refining furnace
Roller hearth type continuous annealing furnace
Roller hearth type continuous annealing furnace
Wire drawing machine
Shot blast machine
Drawing bench
Polished precision wire production line
Cold forging machine
Binding machine  Types of flaw detectors  Environmental devices
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Cold-Pressing and Rolling Machines
Cold-Pressing and Rolling Machines FRF
Multi-stage cold former
Thread rolling machine
Rolling machine (THI-12R)
Rolling machine
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Machine Tools
NC Machines Most effective in 6-face machining of mold plates
NC milling machine
NC double-head milling machine
NC lathe, etc.
Machining center
NC milling machine (JK500)
NC milling machine (JK500)
Others Chamfering machine
Chip crusher
Pipe conveyor
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Secondhand Machinery
Secondhand Machinery Types of steel secondary fabrication facilities
Types of machine tools
Types of cold-pressing machines  Types of rolling machines
(We assist customers to import/export secondhand machines.)
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Machinery Division
  Machinery Department 1
    Tokyo Machinery Team  TEL: +81-(0)3-5495-7198
  Machinery Department 2
    Nagoya Machinery Team
    Nagoya Machinery Team (Osaka)
 TEL: +81-(0)52-963-7624
 TEL: +81-(0)6-6201-2486
  Machinery Department 3
    Metalworking Machinery Team  TEL: +81-(0)52-963-7627
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