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Raw Materials
Today the iron/steel industry is in the midst of restructuring. With globally increased concern for environmental protection as well as intensified efforts to promote recycling, the values of scrap and natural resources have been changing. We are challenging to overcome such a value change to provide customers with suitable raw materials by running our business all over the world.
 Main Line of Business
 Steelmaking raw materials  fuel, steelmaking auxiliary materials
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Main Products
Steelmaking raw materials
Scrap Steel scrap
Stainless-steel scrap
Special metal scrap
  (Scrap containing nickel, chrome, molybdenum, etc.)
Nonferrous metal scrap (Titanium, aluminum, copper, etc.)
Plastic waste
Scrap yard
Scrap yard
Silica (FSi raw material)
Silica (FSi raw material)
Steelmaking plant
Steelmaking plant
Ferrous Alloys Ferrosilicone (FSi)
Ferromanganese (FMn)
Ferrochrome (FCr)
Ferronickel (FNi)
Ferrotitanium (FTi)
Rare Metals Molybdenum (Mo)
Vanadium (V)
Niobium (Nb)
Cobalt (Co)
Tungsten (W)
Tantalum (Ta)
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Fuel and Steelmaking Auxiliary Materials
Petroleum Products Gasoline  Diesel oil  Kerosene
Bunker A  Bunker C  Reclaimed heavy oil
LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas)
Chemical plant
Chemical plant
High-Pressure Gas Oxygen (O2)
Nitrogen (N)
Argon (Ar)
Auxiliary Materials
Types of refractories
Types of refractories
Refractory  Electrode
Ingot case
Slag pan
Carbon additives
Calcined lime  Fluorite
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Types of Scrap (Steel scrap, stainless steel scrap, and special metal scrap) Ferrous Alloy and Rare Metals
Raw Materials Business Division
  Specialty Metals Department
    Tokyo Specialty Metals Team  TEL: +81-(0)3-5495-7196
    Ferroalloy Department
      Ferroalloy Team  TEL: +81-(0)3-5495-7197
  Ferrous Raw Materials Department
    Ferrous Raw Materials Team  TEL: +81-(0)52-963-7619
    Nagoya Specialty Metals Team  TEL: +81-(0)52-963-7620
Fuel, Lubricant, LPG, High-Pressure Gas, Refractory, Electrode, Auxiliary Material, Industrial Chemicals
Raw Materials Business Division
  Materials Department
    Fuels & Materials Team  TEL: +81-(0)52-963-7621
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