DKK's Business

We have five sales divisions: Steel, Castings, Forgings, and Related Products, Raw Materials, Machinery, and Magnetic Materials and develop business domestically and overseas. As a core trading company of the Daido Steel Group, we are refining our proposal capabilities and product knowledge.

In order to achieve sustainable growth together with our customers amid significant changes in the global industrial structure, it is essential to improve competitiveness by proposing high-value-added products, building business models, reducing costs, strengthening sales capabilities, and enhancing the Group's solutions capabilities. Using the information function, financial function, distribution function, and trading function to support both suppliers' and customers' manufacturing, we create added value. We will enhance business competitiveness and contribute to the enhancement of corporate value by building a value chain through the optimization of distribution.

Furthermore, by collaborating with our bases in Japan, Asia, ASEAN, Europe, and the United States, we cultivate new markets around the world. We will strengthen our business foundation globally and expand our supply chain.

As our corporate philosophy, we are aiming to be a company that contributes to society by emphasizing the people-to-people connection. We will strive to address social issues through our business with the aim of engaging in sales activities that are trusted by customers and put in first place by our suppliers, and we will enhance the ability and humanity of our employees.
Mass production and stable production of products for sale
Creation of
“Added Value”
  • Information
  • Finance
  • Logistics &
We supply just in time.
We supply the required quantity.
We provide the quality our customers need.
We propose a price that satisfies our customers.