Magnetic Materials


Magnetic Materials

We mainly sell neodymium magnets, which have the world's highest magnetic force and are used for driving motors (main motors), robotic motors, and electric power steering motors and serve as the heart of electric vehicles.
Our customers are located both domestically and overseas, and in addition to local inventory functions, we are also developing a business through processing routes.
In response to the urgent trend toward electrification and automation focused on automobiles, we capture the development needs in advanced technologies for not only battery-powered electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles but also factory automation, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, medical applications, etc.
We are conducting sales to expand our business supplying magnets and related materials.
We will capture the needs of combined products with more value-added magnets and other components in the future, as well as individual magnets.

Neodymium-based Sintered Magnets(PLP)

A PLP (Press Less Process) magnet is formed by mixing neodymium, iron, and boron powders using a special manufacturing method. With its fine grain size and special technology, it possesses the world's highest magnetic force and heat resistance. It is mainly used in motors that require strong force, such as for driving electric vehicles, which are expected to grow in the future as a replacement for gasoline-powered vehicles.

Neodymium-based Rare-earth Bonded Magnets(MQ1)

This is a bonded magnet made by mixing an alloyed powder composed of neodymium, iron, and boron with a resin. It possesses features that allow freedom in the given shape and direction of the magnetic force. There are two manufacturing methods: an injection molding magnet that solidifies by pouring raw materials into a mold and a compression molding magnet that solidifies by applying pressure from all sides. Injection-molded magnets are often used for sensors and other applications, while compression-molded magnets are used for rotary motors in hard disk drives and other applications.

Neodymium-based Hot-working Magnets(MQ3)

A MQ3 magnet is made by molding neodymium, iron, and boron-mixed alloy powders at high temperatures. It is a product with excellent cost performance and high magnetic force, with reduced need for rare earth alloys. It is used in motors for robots and hybrid cars, which require high magnetic force. This magnet is one of the main products of the Daido Steel Group.