We handle a wide range of products, including secondary steel processing equipment and steelmaking and steelmaking-related equipment, and also handle factory automation (FA), environmentally conscious products, and DX and IoT-related products in recent years. We aim to support our customers' manufacturing and contribute to society.

The range of manufacturers which handle our products is expanding to include the Daido Group, domestic and overseas companies such as Europe and Asia. Our sales are correspondent with domestic, exporting, importing and trilateral countries, and we serve as a bridge of business customers in a wide range of fields, by introducing of new products and developing new technologies.

Peeling Machine

Mair Research S.p.A (Italy): a global manufacturer of peeling machines and other products, we handle thier products in Europe, the United States, Asia, and India. Used mainly for surface cutting of round bars such as stainless steel and carbon steel. Increasing global demand for the machine types suitable for environmental measures of high precision is expected. Especially the equipment with small diameter (φ10mm) to large diameter (φ200mm) is highly regarded by customers around the world.

Hot Dimension Measuring Machine

LAP LASER (Germany) is a world-renowned manufacturer of dimension measuring machines. They are also manufacturing MRI equipment for the medical industry, and have developed unique measurement technologies for other industries. [Contour Check] series, hot dimension measuring machines being developed for the steel industry, can measure materials (round bars, flat steel, pipes, deformed steel bars, etc.) at MAX1200 °C. In recent years, each company has installed equipment to measure hot dimensions in the process after the rolling line, attempting to escape from the conventional manual measurement with calipers, etc. In addition, we also offer equipment for measuring the thickness of thin plates, as well as equipment for measuring the straightness of round bars.

Processing Machine

We handle machine tools called "machines that make machines" and "mother machines." Mainly, it cuts, grinds, and processes metal workpieces into the required shapes. We buy those products (cutting machines, milling machines, machining centers, grinders, etc.) from outside Daido Group and sell them to Daido Group and other customers.

Process 1: Steel material cutting ⇒ Demand for cutting machine
Process 2: Milling surface, polishing ⇒ Demand for milling and grinding machines
Process 3: Secondary cutting ⇒ Demand for machining center
Completed: Machinery parts, dies, etc.

Automation Device

We propose automation, labor saving, and environmental improvement equipment suitable for the situation at the site.
・Automatic loading of workpieces by the robot
・Automatic conveyance by conveyor or AGV
・Automation of loading and unloading of wire rod coil by stem loading and unloading equipment
・Automatic inspection of dimensions and surface scratches by image processing
・Improvement of quality, work efficiency, and work environment with anti-rust oil coating equipment
・Visualization of production status (production volume, short-time breakdown) using IoT remote monitoring system