Raw Materials


Raw Materials

The Raw Materials Business Division is divided into the Speciality Metals & Alloys Dept. and the Raw Materials Dept; we are developing businesses targeting scraps, ferroalloys, and fuels & materials.
Speciality Metals & Alloys Dept.
High Alloy Steel Raw Materials Team: Handling of scrap of special metals, including nickel, as a raw material for high alloy products
Stainless Steel Raw Materials Team: Handling of scrap of nickel and chromium stainless steel as raw material for stainless steel products
Quality Control Center: A base responsible for the collection, quality control, and domestic and overseas shipments of special metal scrap
SUS yard: A base responsible for the collection, mainly in the Kanto region, quality control, and domestic and overseas shipments of stainless steel scrap
Raw Materials Dept.
Ferroalloy Team: Procurement of metal resources such as nickel, chromium, and cobalt from around the world
Ferrous Scrap Team: Domestic sales and export of steel scrap
Fuels & Materials Team: Handling of steel materials such as graphite electrodes and refractories, fuel, etc.

Scrap (steelmaking raw material)

Iron Scrap
We deliver and sell steel scrap to electric furnace manufacturers both domestically and abroad, mainly Daido Steel. We also handle waste scrap generated from dismantling sites and processing scrap generated from production plants.
Stainless Scrap
Scrap of alloy steel containing 10.5% or more of chromium as a main component of iron. It is mainly used as a raw material for SUS300 stainless steel containing nickel and SUS400 stainless steel containing chromium.
High Alloy Steel Scrap
Scrap containing nickel, chromium, molybdenum, niobium, tungsten, and titanium, etc., and used as a raw material for high-alloy products used in materials for automobiles, ships, plants, and aircraft.


It is an additives for removing impurities in steel and enhancing properties such as strength and toughness.
Chromium (Cr)
Added to enhance corrosion/wear resistance of steel. They are imported mainly from South America, Europe, India, and other countries.
Molybdenum (Mo)
Added to improve strength and toughness of steel. South America, North America, and China are the main production countries.
It is mainly used as a deoxidizer and reductant, primarily imported from China, Europe, Brazil, and Southeast Asia.
Manganese (Mn)
Used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer for molten steel. Major production countries include South America, India, and Australia.

Fuels & Materials (graphite electrodes, refractories, fuel, etc.)

We sell steelmaking materials, fuels, etc. to Daido Steel and other domestic electric furnace manufacturers. We are working day by day to maintain our strength behind the plant operation by handling products that are indispensable to it.
Typical products examples
Graphite Electrode
We mainly handle imported electrodes for electric furnaces and smelting furnaces. The source of imports is China, France, Spain, etc.
Our products range from refractory materials such as electric furnace and regular and irregular shapes of ladles, surface plate bricks, and alumina to specially molten flux.
We purchase heavy oil, diesel oil, high-pressure gas, lubricating oil, etc. from the vendor or trading company and sell them.
Steelmaking Materials and Auxiliary Materials
Steel making materials: Mold stamping frame, heat insulating board, heat insulating material for molten steel, etc. Auxiliary materials: A wide variety of products including carbonized materials and fluorescent stones.